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£35.00/week for 12 installments
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12 Week Coaching Program £35.00/week for 12 installments

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Level Up Your Life

Learn to be truly limitless with our 12 week 1:1 confidence coaching program. 

If this is your first time booking a 1:1 coaching session then you can expect the first session to be a deep consultation in which we work out how you react to different situations and try to find your root issues. Once we identify the root cause(s) of your struggles, we will agree on what you would like to make a priority to improve.

Some issues will naturally improve when you resolve issue XYZ so not all issues need to be a specific target.

The sessions are personalised but you can expect the following in your sessions:

  • Exploration of your reactions to different scenarios

  • Identifying current problematic issues

  • Identifying issues that you want to resolve

  • Clearing any blocks to success

  • Teaching simple stress relief techniques

  • Teaching what fear and anxiety mean for you

  • Creating a personalised game plan with challenges for each week

You may find huge progress and differences in your confidence within a couple of weeks to a month, but it takes at least 12 weeks to create the most permanent change. After the 12 weeks you are free to continue weekly or monthly sessions depending on your circumstances. 


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