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I can relate because I struggled with low confidence & self-esteem myself

Hi, I’m Mel. This is me now but…

Let me tell you a personal story about how I went from an anxious mess in social situations, terrified of picking up the phone & struggling to make friends to so comfortable in my skin I enjoy talking to complete strangers and can make friends with anyone

10 years ago, I was so frustrated with where I was in life. I had tried to… 

  • Repeat positive affirmations til I drowned them out
  • Follow all the confidence improving advice from everyone and their dogs
  • Take neuro enhancers and a million and one supplements hoping for an overnight fix
  • Fake it til you make it
  • Try confidence poses in hopes they would help

…And so much more…

I even tried to FORCE MYSELF to do what “confident people” do…

It was a miserable experience.

I really wanted to solve this problem because it seemed to affect everything in my life.
👉 I didn’t want to leave my house (infact I stayed in for 3 weeks straight at one point)
👉 I was an anxious mess when it came to interviews.
👉 I was so anxious to meet up with my own friends
👉 Phone calls were such a nightmare
👉 I was SO fun at parties sitting or standing away from everyone…👀 (hint: sarcasm)
At that point, I was at my wit’s end.
I decided I only had two choices in that moment. 
Either I give up and stay a miserable mess blaming it on my personality…
Or something HAD to change.
I started researching and experimenting, reading self help book after self help book. Spending thousands of pounds on anything that could even potentially help me.
After years of testing things out, I finally managed to figure out how to REALLY improve your confidence & self esteem… and I’ll be sharing the solution with you right now.


improve your confidence

The Confidence Game:

Unique Confidence Course That Uses Proven Actionable Techniques That Will Help Transform Your Confidence & Self-Esteem

The Confidence Game is a 4 week confidence transformation experience where you will go through daily sessions, tasks and challenges. You will have unique lessons that work through your mental blocks which build upon what you have previously done with daily tasks to complete. You will also be set daily challenges which help you take action and put what you have learned into effect. You will get personalized support, guidance, and encouragement every week for 4 weeks. You will have daily sessions in the course, so you can finally multiply your results and live the confident life you’ve always wanted – without any limitations holding you back.

How Does It Work?

After years of research on the best methods to improve confidence and extensive experience, not to mention lots of trial and error… we created a course we like to call ‘The Confidence Game‘. A lot of the advice on confidence is based around wishy-washy ideas, faking it and “just doing it” which can be useful in some scenarios but in others it ends up causing more damage in the long term than it does good.

The Confidence Game takes the most core elements people with low confidence struggle with and reverse engineers it to build your confidence back up with unique tasks and challenges that are created for your current level of confidence – so you won’t be too overwhelmed to get them done.

We know that building confidence should never be rushed, but you’ll be surprised to see how much you can accelerate your progress when you know exactly what steps to take.

Level Up Your Life

Using Proven Techniques

The Confidence Mastery uses a system I call the Ladder Technique. It works like this – you see a very tall tree and there’s something you desperately want at the top of the tree. From the ground to the top of the tree, there’s no way for you to reach it. You see other people climbing the tree effortlessly but you have no idea how to even start. 

How do you get to the very top of the tree? You use a ladder. The ladder is just there to help you get up and get closer to the tree. The reason the ladder works is because it has support every step of the way for you. If a ladder only had support at the bottom, middle and top – you wouldn’t be able to climb it.

In the same way as you would use a ladder to climb the tree, I show you how to use a ladder to overcome your confidence issues. We will reverse the problems and create a ladder program for you to know exactly how to overcome them step by step. Not only that but you’ll also have guided support every step of the way so if you feel like the next step is a little far apart, we can readjust and create a mini step in between.

Using the ladder technique you’ll very quickly find that you can break down any problem you’re having and overcome it. With time you’ll even be able to do this by yourself and won’t need anymore guidance or support. That is the ultimate goal – for you to become self sufficient and confident enough to make your dreams come true and live the life you deserve.

When you enroll in The Confidence Game, you don’t just get a confidence course...
You also get the best of ME. I am personally invested in your journey because I know what it is like to suffer with low confidence & self esteem and I want to help you to destroy your blocks and live a limitless life.
I’ve got many years of experience helping people with low confidence & self esteem like you to transform your confidence.
I know the ups and downs you will face, and I’ve incorporated my years of expertise and being a coach into The Confidence Game. When you enroll, you get access to my tried-and-tested strategies that I’ve used for years to transform confidence & self esteem.
I’ve used these exact strategies to help all my clients live a truly limitless life.
You also get a community of support with our Facebook group and email support at any time.
Level Up Your Life
Features & Benefits

The Secret Behind The Confidence Game

You will have daily sessions that fit so perfectly in your schedule and to your confidence level that you will swear this course was made just for you. Some of the things you will cover include…

Transform Your Mind & Beliefs

How to transform your thoughts, mindset and actions to powerful positive ones to attract the good you deserve in your life.

No More Overthinking

How to destroy negative self talk, overthinking and that lingering anxiety so you stop second guessing yourself and replaying those negative moments in your mind.

Secrets To Overcoming Social Anxiety

Become friends with anyone, talk to anyone and attract anyone you like – without that horrible anxious feeling holding you back.

You Should NEVER Do This

How to destroy the blocks in your way that prevent you from reaching your dreams, goals and desires

Destroy Your Old Fear

How to overcome the fear and anxiety that follow you every step telling you “you’re not good enough” or “you’re not worthy”

Build Your Confidence

Expand your comfort zone with step-by-step instruction of exactly how without forcing yourself into scary situations.

Regain Your Power

How to be comfortable with being you, to enjoy your own company, to love the person that you are and how to be so secure with being as you are – that no one can shake you.

Discover Yourself

How to gain back your personal power, bring you into alignment and show you what your soul knew all along – how amazing you are and how loved you really are.

Accelerated Progress

See how you can easily crush doubt and insecurities.


With our step-by-step ladder technique you can overcome any blocks holding you back. The course uses real science to create real change. No mumbo jumbo and no need to fake it til you make it, make real progress.

Flexible Schedule

Fits into any schedule just as easily as having a meal.


Don't be held back by scheduling times or waiting for coaches to be ready, you can fit the course around your life with each task and challenge taking just a short amount of time each day and they fit right into your schedule!

Adjustable Levels

A one-size fits all solution doesn't benefit many. So you have access to different difficulty levels.


Depending on your starting point and how difficult each challenge is, you can change levels at any time. It means you'll have the best chance to really transform yourself from your current level without finding it too overwhelming or too easy.

Ready To Free Yourself From Limitations?

Don't just take our word

What Others Are Saying

Just to summarise of all that you’ll be getting in this offer:

The Confidence Game

A Revolutionary Way To Transform Your Confidence
  • Step-By-Step Guidance
  • Daily Tasks
  • Daily Challenges
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Adjustable Levels
  • Worksheets Provided
  • Dedicated Support
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Is This Course Right For Me?

Here are some points to consider whether or not this program is right for you.

This Is For You If...

You’ve tried to build confidence before but it didn’t work out. It’s not really your fault, other techniques fail to work because it’s not about the techniques themselves but about HOW to implement them into YOUR LIFE that’s important.

You’re tired of jumping from solution to solution and still finding yourself stuck with low confidence & self-esteem. I have good news! The Confidence Game will be PERFECT for you. Unlike all those alternatives that you have tried, we can actually get you results, because we truly care about your progress and create a plan just for you.
You’re frustrated of having low confidence and all the little presents it brings with it. We have created The Confidence Game to specifically help you overcome low confidence and self esteem with our proven step-by-step techniques.

This Is NOT For You If...

You expect to get instant results without putting in the work. It is just not possible for someone who wants things to magically happen (without putting in ANY work) to truly transform their confidence.

I can say that with 100% confidence because I know that the fastest and most effective way to improve your confidence is to work with me. And you may find this very interesting: We’ve had story after story of customers who managed to transform their confidence in record time… BUT they all have ONE common denominator – ALL of my successful customers had an “I’m all in” mindset and were willing to help themselves. : )

You believe that your low confidence is in your DNA and it’s impossible to change. Here’s the thing: People who have this belief often are unable to get true confidence because they hold themselves back.

The correct perspective you should have if you want to succeed is to know that it will take time but anyone can improve their confidence – if they truly want to.


We hope to answer any questions you may have below. If you still have any questions after reading the FAQ then please send us a message and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Increasing your confidence will help improve almost every aspect in your life. From getting better jobs to finding the ideal partner you deserve. It’s hard to answer whether it will help a specific issue as everyone is different and some problems need different solutions.

That’s why we offer the 30 day money back guarantee so you can try the course and see how it works for you.

This varies a lot depending on the person and where you are starting from. Someone that has worked on themselves a lot over the years will find they need to go a shorter distance to achieve their dream state. However, someone who is only starting out with self improvement might find it takes them a little longer. The most important thing is to be consistent and to not give up!

You will have 3 different levels to choose from for each challenge. Each level works as an upgrade to the last. If you find yourself struggling, then start at level 1. If you find level 1 easy then move up a level and vice versa. You can adjust the levels every day as you see fit or you can aim to do all of the level 1 challenges, then level 2 and level 3 for the ultimate confidence gains.

Traditional coaching often works on the day to day with you guiding the sessions, coaches don’t show you what you should do. This course gives you the reins while also showing you exactly the step-by-step path you should take to improve your confidence. It’s only the combination of both action and mindset that you can really unlock your potential. It doesn’t help you if you keep telling yourself you are confident only to have your feelings lie to you with your anxiety laughing in your face. Actions and beliefs need to match to see long term progress and this is what this course works on.

The course is designed to be 4 weeks long if you do your chosen level only once. However, you can do the course up to 3 times potentially to get the biggest confidence gain. You will find a big improvement even if you do the course only once but we do recommend to use it to it’s full potential as your confidence will grow even more when you get comfortable doing the challenges.

If you purchased elite you will have weekly coaching sessions alongside the course for 4 weeks so you can talk to your coach about your struggles and your coach can make suggestions to adjust the course for your level.

If you purchased premium (course without coaching) you will have access to the support system whenever you need it. Just send us a message and we’ll be happy to guide you or make suggestions over email.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you’ve finished the whole course and have completed all the tasks and challenges and have not seen any change just send us an email to [email protected] with your worksheets and get a refund.

You Can Do This!

Transforming your confidence may seem hard, but it is 100% worth it. Your quality of life just becomes so much better once you become confident in yourself!

If millions of people around the world have been able to transform their confidence, WHY NOT YOU? You can do this, and by signing up to the course, you will gain access to all the guidance that you need to truly confident without having to spend years of your life trying to figure it out.

I hereby give you permission to step up, take action, and say, “WHY NOT ME? I CAN BECOME CONFIDENT!” Because you CAN do this! I’ve helped hundreds of clients before you transform their confidence, so you can too! You deserve this! Let’s get started right now on your journey to get true limitless confidence.


Ready For Real Change?